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DropBucket FAQ

How many litres can 1 DropBucket contain?

114 L or 200 L

What is the weight of 1 DropBucket?

All DropBuckets weigh around 1 kg 

What material is DropBucket produced from?

Recycled cardboard and recycled plastic

How many DropBuckets can fit on 1 EUR pallet?

    • DropBucket Outdoor: 100 Pieces on 1 EUR Pallet
    • DropBucket Basis: 80 Pieces on 1 EUR Pallet.
    • DropBucket Cardboard Rack: 100 Pieces on 1 EUR Pallet
    • DropBucket Plastic Rack: 80 Pieces on 1 EUR Pallet

Is DropBucket water-resistant?

DropBuckets made of plastic are water-resistant.
DropBucket Outdoor is coated with bee’s wax, which makes the material resistant to fluids. It has been used at Roskilde several years, where it is used during one week even though it rains.
DropBucket Basis is designed for plastic bags.

How about wind? 

All DropBucket have a low point of gravity why they are stable in wind. It is also possible to cluster DropBucket together with strips. 

Which plastic bags are best suited for DropBucket?

We recommend our customers to buy standard black or clear garbage bags containing 120 L. They can be bought from any supermarket.

When can I expect to get my DropBuckets delivered?

If you order your DropBucket today you can expect to get it after 2 working days in Denmark. Outside Denmark you can expect around 5 working days for delivery.

How many DropBuckets can I carry in one hand?

Around 5

How long time does it take to put up one DropBucket?

2 seconds :)

How many times can I use DropBuckets?

It depends, but most festivals/events use them for two years. Of course the plastic DropBuckets is more robust than the cardboard version J

Is it possible to recycle DropBucket after use?

Yes, you can sort it to cardboard-waste and plastic waste

Do you have any options for waste sorting? 

Yes, we offer waste sorting stickers along with the DropBuckets. The size is 250mm in diameter and the pictogram guide from “Dansk Affaldsforening” inspires the design.

Can I have my own print on DropBucket?

We offer customized stickers with the size 250 mm in diameter. The stickers can be in all colours. The minimum amount you have to buy is 100. The delivery time is around 1-2 weeks.

If you order 1000 waste bins, we also provide print on the wastebins. The print can only be in 1 colour and the price for the cliché is around 5000 DKK. When it is produced it can be used for free again in a new production. The delivery time is around 3-4 weeks. 

Do you provide a pick-up service for the garbage after the event?

No not at the moment, but if you are in need of the kind of services we recommend contacting Marius Pedersen or Stena Recycling.

Where can I Buy DropBuckets?

On our online shop and in all Inco shops in Denmark (it is necessary to be a company to shop in Inco). 

How many DropBuckets do I need for my event?

It’s hard to tell but as an estimate we recommend: 

    • 1 DropBucket pr. 10 guest if you serve some kind of food
    • 1 DropBucket pr. 20 guest if you don’t serve food 

If you have any special needs you can always contact us.

Is it possible to wash the plastic model? 

Yes, we recommend our customers to wash it with water and soap to make it last longer. 

How many do I need to buy as minimum? 

You need to buy 30 DropBuckets, but remember that they don’t take up any space and can be reused next year. If you would like to buy fewer you can buy DropBuckets via our retailer Inco Glostrup, København or Århus.