Sustainable wastebins at events


The DropBucket waste bin is based on a simple, folded cardboard structure. It easily transforms into a pyramid-shaped container that fits into its surroundings. An automatic bottom allows for large numbers of bins to be put up within a short period of time. The DropBucket is made of robust corrugated cardboard, consisting of recycled material so once it is no longer needed, it can be disposed of easily along with the rubbish.



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Trashsorting adapted to your needs


We also offer stickers if you want to sort your trash. These stickers are easily applied onto the trashcans. You can see which fractions to choose from below.


Easy maintenance

See video from Roskilde Festival where DropBucket was setup at Sejlene. The following feedback from the booths was that it hadn’t been this clear in 25 years at Sejlene.