Innovative and sustainable advertising platform

With an advertisement on DropBucket, you get a unique opportunity to bring your marketing close to potential customers, whether it concerns Distortion in Copenhagen with 350,000 participants, Aarhus Festuge with over 500,000 participants or Roskilde Festival with 130,000 participants.

Depending on your needs, you will be able to be exposed in many different ways and alternate locations in the country. One guarantee is that the advertisement will reach wide and become noticeable due to the new and different media.

At Roskilde Festival 2016, 4000 DropBuckets with Tuborg’s campaign ‘Drink With Respect’ message were distributed by 30 ambassadors who spread DWR and waste sorting messages. 350 DWR proposals were uploaded to Instagram and Facebook, of which 6 winning camps were pulled out every day.

To the International Workers Day in 2016, 200 DropBuckets with the ‘Spread Love, Not Waste’ message were distributed by 10 ambassadors as messages about the environment. All 200 garbage bags were drawn on during the day with creative suggestions for what people would like to spread, e.g. love, socialism etc.

Activate your customers

DropBucket has become known as a sustainable recycle bin, but for the right sponsor it can be much more than that. The video above illustrates how your advertising can be enabled and come close to your target audience.

Get your advertisement on DropBucket for one or more events where you want to be exposed. Write to us at or call tel. +45 42 43 28 32

Below you can see a number of sponsors that we have already worked with.